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Can't kick coffee and don't like tea? We make decaf!

Our 100% Colombian Decaf blend is Swiss Water Decaffeinated.

100% Colombian Decaf Ground


  • Tasting Notes

    Smoky Carmel, never bitter, Swiss Water Decaffeinated.

  • Aroma


Brewing Instructions

Customized to your taste!
Directives de preparation

Number of Cups( refer to the water lines on your coffee maker) Medium Brew Strength ( measured in Tbsp of ground coffee) Bold Brew Strength( measured in Tbsp of ground coffee)
2 Cups/ tasses 2 Tbsp/ c.a.s. 3 Tbsp/ c.a.s.
6 Cups/ tasses 6 Tbsp/ c.a.s. 9 Tbsp/ c.a.s.